Red Bull Music Presents Disco Puppet Album Launch at Fandom


Red Bull Music Presents Disco Puppet Album Launch at Fandom

Bar & Restaurant |

Fandom | Bangalore |

Oct 12 | 6 p.m.

Ends on: Oct 12

About Red Bull Music Presents Disco Puppet Album Launch at Fandom

Red Bull Music Presents Disco Puppet Album Launch Tour, a theatrical performance with sets, visuals, light design and an actor/movement artist, where the performance space with as much a part of the narrative as the music and performer.


As for the music, Aranyer Dinratri (Disco Puppet’s third full-length album) gets its name from the 1970 film by Satyajit Ray. Biswas first saw the film three years ago, after which he began to take an active interest in Ray’s works. These movies became a window into his personal history and art.


He began to understand his attraction to seemingly insignificant details of daily life, the way people interact and the longing for human contact. Although his work has always explored these themes, in this album, they become his main point of focus.


Aranyer Dinratri is presented in a stream of consciousness format. The tracks flow into one another, weaving a narrative of search, discovery and acceptance. Like most of his previous work, the album remains sonically adventurous, contrasting assiduously crafted moments of tenderness with outright abrasion. There are playful moments too, courtesy Biswas’s battered Casio SA47. The toy keyboard is accompanied by samples, tape machine artefacts and saturated 808s - building on Shoumik’s familiar yet ever evolving sound palette.



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