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Reminiscences of Relationships: Art Exhibition of Runa Biswas's Paintings


Nov 18 2022 to Dec 03 2022 11 a.m.


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MKF Museum of Art

55/1 Isha villa, Lavelle road 560001

Event Description

"The lines in Runa Biswa’s paintings are a lexicon of her imagination and of an epoch that are vignettes of her memories created over the years. The initial intention of painting stark creations in black and white lead to pleasant memories that seeped into the composition with colour, taking another dimension while adding interest to her language of gestures. Using watercolours on paper, her story is a world within a world with pen and ink drawings. Acrylic medium on canvases with storylines in pen and ink is added to her collection of paintings for this show.

Over the years, Runa has created a Contemporary style in a genre that is inspired by Indian folk art, mainly the modernism of Kalighat Patachitra, intricate details of Mughal and Rajasthani miniature paintings. The series are a reminiscence of her life, that are enriched by past experiences, to have left an indelible impression and of special relationships that are imbued with emotions. Memories of unfulfilled yearnings and unexpected pleasurable moments to ruminate while creating each thought provoking composition," says Shirley Mathew os MKF Museum of Art.

About the artist

Runa Biswas was born and brought up in Kolkata, where she completed her Masters in Economics and also a Diploma in Fine Art. She is essentially a self-taught artist and has over the years consciously worked towards developing a unique visual language to create an impressionable mark.

Over the years Runa has experimented with mediums, textures, tools and concepts that has helped her to achieve a technique with a mix of watercolour wash employing layers of glazing, pouring, Batik style using brushwork along with pen and ink. Her subjects are mostly figurative, inspired by dreams, folklores, stories and moments and deep symbolism drawn from her life apart from people known or unknown.

Many group shows and art camps participation in Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and Internationally in Hong Kong, Italy, Hungary with physical and online shows, has strengthened Runa’s resolve to make a mark for herself. In 2017 she has been awarded the Prafulla Dahanukar Bangalore City Artist Award and the Honourable Mention Award from International Watercolour Society (Hungary).

Runa Biswas is currently based in Bangalore.


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