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Reordering Development Priorities - Moving Away From Business as Usual


Jun 02 2023 to Jun 02 2023 6:30 p.m.



Bangalore International Centre

7 4th Main Rd, Stage 2, Domlur 560071

Event Description

Sanjay Kaul’s book, An Alternative Development Agenda for India provides a revamped, transformative, and fiscally sustainable developmental roadmap for India to radically improve the well-being and livelihoods of its citizens. Grounded on a “people first” approach, the alternate agenda focuses on seven vital development and inter-connected areas that matter most to citizens. These include health, education, food and nutrition, child development, gender, livelihood and jobs, and urbanisation. The starting point in each of these areas is a dispassionate diagnostic of the systemic issues plaguing these sectors, followed by pragmatic and implementable solutions to address them. The solutions offered in the book are based on two underlying analytical principles – first, an appreciation of what is feasible and can work in government systems and structures, and second, a deep understanding of poverty and the poor. Constructive in its approach, the book suggests cost-effective interventions and strategies that focus on the poor and which can have the most likelihood of success. These recommendations are based on the author’s own extensive field-level experience in the IAS and the corporate sector, success stories, and are backed by extensive research and literature in these areas. The resources needed for the suggested interventions have been quantified and are fiscally sustainable. To discuss the book and the issues that it deals with, we have a panel comprising Author & Policy Analyst, Sanjay Kaul, Director of the Centre for Public Policy, IIM, M S Sriram, Director of Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, G Gurucharan and, Director of the Centre for Budget and Policy Studies, Jyotsna Jha, moderated by Additional Chief Secretary, Uma Mahadevan.

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