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Shuffle Dance Classes


Apr 07 2023 to Aug 25 2023 7:30 p.m.


Lahe Lahe

No. 2906, 2907, HAL 2nd Stage, Kodihalli 560008

Event Description

Shuffle Dance or "Cutting Shapes" as it is sometimes called, is characterised by quick and slick footwork, danced to the latest EDM music. It's a fun and upbeat dance that has many mental and physical health benefits. In this course, you'll be guided through the techniques of shuffle dancing in a methodical way, so that you can master them and dance up a storm. Be prepared to WOW your friends on the dance floor! Your instructor is Khushboo Shahzade Khan. Khushboo Shahzade Khan is a versatile dancer and an intuitive teacher. She has a diploma in Dance from the ISPTD and during the program trained and built a strong foundation in various forms including Hip-Hop, Bollywood, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Indian classical and folk forms. Her most recent passion is Shuffling. She loves the rush it brings her and wants to share it with everyone. As a teacher, she is articulate, warm and friendly. Spreading the love of dance everywhere is her mission.

Recommended number of hours of class for beginner level- 24

When: Every Friday, 7:30-8:30 pm

Where: Lahe Lahe, Indiranagar

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