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Slices of the Moon Swept by the Wind


Dec 29 2023 to Dec 29 2023 7:30 p.m.


Price: Rs 200 Book/Buy


Ranga Shankara

36/2, 8th Cross Rd, R K Colony, 2nd Phase, J. P. Nagar 560078

Event Description

A boy, intelligent but trapped in a tragically misshapen body, writes about the world outside: seen from the window of his room: a Muharram procession, birds perch on the windowsill like friends, boys who call him monkey. And he writes about the world inside: Appa, who harbors a dream that his son will one day go to school while battling demons in the night; Amma, who sells her gold to pay her husband’s debts; Doddakka, his elder sister, who could never get married; Sannakka, his middle sister, who will only accept a suitor who accepts her little brother; Hosakka, the new sister, whom he had given up for dead; Anna, his elder brother, who defies his father’s wrath to forge a perilous path…Only Tangi, his baby sister, brings some light into this house with her smile. In a dysfunctional universe, it begins to seem that the only ‘normal’ person is the boy, wise beyond his age.

A reading of the novella by Arundhati Nag Written & Designed by: S Surendranath Translated by: Prathibha Nandakumar

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