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Sound meditation

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Dec 10 2022 to Dec 10 2022 4 p.m.



Lahe Lahe

No. 2906, 2907, HAL 2nd Stage, Kodihalli 560008

Event Description

Sound Meditation is a type of mindfulness meditation that uses sounds to focus the mind. It can be used with any type of sound, but common choices include singing bowls, gongs, chanting. Sound healing ( also called sound bathing ) brings about a meditative state that can open up to therapeutic tools of sound. Sound meditation can be an effective way to reduce stress and promote relaxation. It can also improve sleep quality and increase feelings of well being. Sound meditation uses music and sound to clear the mind and deepen meditation. This ancient practice is used in many cultures and traditions as a tool to bring us from a place of Imbalance to Balance internally. Sound meditation works through entrainment, a process by which our brain waves synchronise with the sound wave patterns emanating from the instrument being played. It helps us get into a state of slower deeper brainwave patterns, promoting deep meditation and eliciting the body's natural healing capacity. Merge into the sounds which have a vibratory sensation. Surrender to the sound and allow you to take on this journey inwards.

Date: 10th December 2022

Place : Lahe Lahe Time:4-5pm ( Saturday )

Energy exchange : Rs. 799 only

Facilitator : Aarthi Padmanabhan is a Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher and a Mentor for nearly two decades and carries a rich and profound experience with respect to yoga, meditation, healing and therapy. Aarthi has been a sound meditation practitioner and teacher for the last four years and has complemented her yoga sessions with different sounds to create a unique experience in handing the mind and body.

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