The Story Cafe @ Urban Solace

Urban Solace

The Story Cafe @ Urban Solace

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Urban Solace | Bangalore |

Feb 06 | 7:30 p.m.

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About The Story Cafe @ Urban Solace

About The Story Café @ Urban Solace:

The Story Café is a monthly meet up of storytellers in Bangalore which takes place on the first Thursday evening 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm every month. This is an invitation for all those who like to tell or listen to traditional or personal stories and meet with other storytellers and story lovers. The evening will have two parts - the first 45 minutes will be an open mic for anyone who would like to tell a story. The only rule – no longer than 10 minutes! In the second half  a featured teller will tell stories for upto 30 minutes. Suitable for all ages15 years and above.

The Story Cafe is hosted by By the River, a storytelling initiative for adults in Bangalore.

The open mic can accommodate a maximum of 5 tellers– so please register by dropping a mail to  or call  +91 98862 83739 if you want to share a story. If you just wish to listen just show up. We welcome contributions at the venue as this is a community led and shared event; the entire proceeds will be shared between the featured storyteller and the venue partner Urban Solace.


A die-hard explorer at heart, Priya Venkatesh leads an eclectic life - professionally into leadership and top team development, she holds a Degree in Microbiology while she is passionate about theatre and directed productions for Bangalore Little Theatre. She is an ardent nature lover and prefers spending time in the forest. Priya has travelled to the Arctic and Antarctic Circles as  part of one of the expedition groups to  witness personally and understand the impact of  climate change and global warming.