Sunday Unplugged - Ft KA 19

Hard Rock Cafe Whitefield

Sunday Unplugged - Ft KA 19

Bar & Restaurant |

Hard Rock Cafe Whitefield | Ground Floor, Ascendas Park Square Mall, Whitefield Road |

Feb 23 | 9 p.m.

Ends on: Feb 23

About Sunday Unplugged - Ft KA 19

KA-19: Indias' answer to Cheech and Chong comes with this famous duo from namma Kudla(aka-Mangalore). Austyn Goveas, who is the lead vocalist of a well known Bangalorean band Mother Root and a flourishing solo act, teams up with his lead guitarist, Kishan Hebbar, of Mangalore's very own Shifting Scales and a graduate of Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, to bring to you an acoustic experience which makes the day just a little bit sweeter. They hope to bring back the musical experience of old school rock and roll; add to that some alternative favourites and a sprinkle of catchy originals and you got music you can groove along to or just sit back and relax to- whatever your flavour, we got it covered.