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superhappyfuntime Listening Session | Biergarten


May 18 2024 to May 18 2024 5 p.m.


Price: Rs 399 Book/Buy



4th B Cross Rd, 5th Block, Koramangala 560095

Event Description

Listening session and movie screening hosted by the bands Mocaine and RoFO. Listening Session: Showcasing songs from our next album, Posh Boys Go To Heaven, tentatively slated for a December '24 release. The album talks about the uniquely SoDel/SoBo existential conflict of having to choose between eating the rich and being the rich. Not part of any concept universe, this album is just a standalone chuckle at self-inflicted identity crises. (yes, we know SoDel is not a term. yet.) We'll also be showcasing songs and skits from the third and final part of the Billy Munro universe. Tentatively titled The Ballad of Broken Men, the album is slated for a December 2025 release, accompanied by a 150,000-word novel. Fun Fact: this will be the longest album and book in the trilogy. What an age to write a book in. Some of us are more prudent in our artistic expression than others, huh. Film Screening: Screening of the first two short films from the Billy Munro universe, Daylight Sheen and The Bend. We're hoping to do a festival run with these films before settling for YouTube link-peddling, so they probably won't be out at least till September 2025. Daylight Sheen introduces us to two new characters, and The Bend builds on their story. Fun fact: there will be twelve films in the Billy Munro universe. - Mocaine Please Note: The listening session starts at 5:00pm The movie screenings start at 6:00pm. QnA with the bands and filmmakers at 7:00pm.

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