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Take 2 Evenings @ Urban Solace


Feb 29 | 4:30 p.m.

Runs till: Feb 29


Urban Solace

Bangalore 530069

Event Description

We live in a paradoxical time of abundant opportunities and unprecedented challenges. A time when our work and our life yearns for more choices and more meaning; a desire to do more, do better and have a different "take" of our life.

You are not alone. Join us in “The Conversation Circle” with others who are on a similar quest - the quest being to consciously and purposefully live their full potential; going beyond what is holding them back from experiencing their dream.

Come, share and deeply listen to other co-travelers in a safe space.

About the creators of t he experience:

Ameet and Sanjay discovered their own new "take" of life in their mid 30s. Both had successful corporate careers of over 15 years when the inner voice of unlived potential became loud enough to start pursuing the life of helping people and organizations live their potential. Their new Take is over a decade old and alive and kicking!

TAKE-2 is a public program born out if their own life journeys and from curiosity of people in their life to find their own take-2. Sixty people (entrepreneurs, corporate executives, home makers, back-to-work parents, etc.) have so far launched their own TAKE-2s through 6 editions of the program in last 2 years+

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