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The Tenor of Exploration - A Group Show of Paintings


May 12 2023 to May 28 2023 11 a.m.


Except on: weekly, each Monday


MKF Museum of Art

55/1 Isha villa, Lavelle road 560001

Event Description

The Tenor of Exploration - A Group Show of Paintings

It takes a leap of faith as it were, when an artist experiments with mediums that are researched and applied in the path of creative sentience. The process of using natural ingredients and materials was interesting with the choice of colours apart from the implementation.

Nature being a predilection for most creative beings, the artist is in consonance with creating in a particular genre, to express an emotive resonance. Each artist has traversed through their years of conceptual themes, to make a conscious decision to evolve with experimental works.

Bharati Sagar has done relentless research to create a new medium to add to her repertoire that is very spontaneous and has played with a mélange of forms to include a language of gesture. The body of works exudes the essence of Nature with flora and fauna as an ode of appreciation.

Bhavani G S has re-created a style of imagery with natural mediums that is the embodiment of an expression of the earth song. Her research on an ecological project to ascertain aspects of water during the walk along the entire length of the river Cauvery, has impressed on her ongoing series of works.

Gunjan Arora with an influence from the fashion industry had experimented for two years to re-use scrap silk threads for his expression into ‘Threadarte’ that is riveting as well as being environment-friendly. His creative genre using two to three techniques imbues a tensile signature form that is a recurring theme of repetition and yet never fails to be evocative.

Shirley Mathew has been creating works using handmade paper as collage, over the years and has also recently delved into the tradition of natural pigments which has been an interesting learning experience. There are symbolic forms and metaphors for the observer to decipher the artist’s inner sensibilities inspired by her concerns about Nature.

The natural materials used for this show are as varied as raw silk threads, indigo, turmeric, charcoal, rusted iron powder, citric acid, archival inks, decoctions of vegetables, and plant-based glue while avoiding the use of chemicals. A coating of natural Gum Arabic is used for coating some of the works as advised by an expert in the field of art conservation.

All four artists have created a body of work that is unusual in their sphere of imagery.

The collection of works is a tactile experience for the artist in the process of creating, as well as in the end result, for the viewer.

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