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The Crafts Council of Karnataka presents “Paatre” an Exhibition of Heritage handmade vessels at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad


Mar 17 2023 to Mar 19 2023 10:30 a.m.



Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath

No.1, Art Complex, Kumarakrupa Rd, near The Lalit Hotel, Kumara Park East 560001

Event Description

To create an awareness of the beauty, skill, advantages and medicinal benefits etc. of the traditional hand-crafted vessels and to ensure the continuity of the various crafts involved and the well-being of its practitioners, the Crafts Council of Karnataka is hosting an Exhibition “Paatre” (vessels) of old traditional vessels as well as ritual articles, and also sale of handcrafted vessels and utensils. To educate and create greater awareness and interest, the show will also have workshops, talks by experts, and demonstrations by the craftspeople using their crafts. The Crafts Council 0f Karnataka has been committed to promoting and supporting the crafts and the communities that have practiced their crafts down the generations. When one looks at the basic needs of a human being and the things that are essential to his survival, the most important is ‘food’. The foods of India are as varied and relevant to its existence as its more tangible aspects of the culture of monuments, textiles, etc. Indian food is exotic.

The understanding of the ingredients and the process of cooking with the various spices has been unique to India, and in all its various regions food has been cooked with an amazing understanding of the impact of the foods on the health of the human being. And if we talk about food then the importance and significance of the varied cooking, serving, and eating vessels and utensils used traditionally follow naturally. As food and vessels are essential for the nourishment of the body, the use of certain items in rituals to nourish the spiritual aspect of human beings becomes significant too. It is amazing that the understanding of the human constitution and what contributes to its well-being got translated into using different materials like clay, iron, brass, copper, bronze, and even silver and gold to create aesthetically beautiful vessels, which were traditionally all handmade.

The craftsmen who made them showed amazing aesthetics, knowledge, and skill to create vessels to suit every food-related need of a human being. We are fortunate that the skills which evolved to perfection have, despite industrialization and the impact of machines, survived till now. Thus knowing the craft and creating objects which have globally created an Indian presence and identity has made these entrepreneurs and skilled artisans very special as well as the custodians of a heritage craft that has come down through generations. India has craftsmen who work with various materials mentioned above, such as clay, stone, copper, brass, bronze, wood, silver, gold, and even the humble leaf of Dhak and other plants to make disposable plates. To further engage and promote the use of these vessels there will be food stalls serving delicious food from different parts of Karnataka.

Talks Schedule 1. 18th March @ 04:00 PM ‘The Body as a Vessel’ by Mr Chiranjeev Singh 2. 18th March @ 05:00 PM ‘Ahara- some perspectives from the yoga angle’ by Mr Sridhar 3. 19th March @ 04:00 PM ’Traditional cooking in traditional vessels’ by Ms Meera Ramakrishna 4. 19th March @ 05:00 PM ’Sampoorna ahara and sampoorna arogya’ by Mr Achyuthan Eshwar

Venue: Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad, Kumara Krupa Road, Bangalore

Dates: March 17th to 19th, 2023

Timings: 10.30 AM to 8.00 PM

Entry is free

General inquiries: 080 23347299/ E: craftscouncilofkarnataka@yahoo.co.in

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