Thermal And A Quarter-Fell On Grunge Days LIVE at Fandom


Thermal And A Quarter-Fell On Grunge Days LIVE at Fandom

Bar & Restaurant |

Fandom | Bangalore |

Nov 09 | 8 p.m.

Ends on: Nov 09

About Thermal And A Quarter-Fell On Grunge Days LIVE at Fandom

The rain has been scarce, but heavy clouds hang in the Bangalore skies, cool breezes blow and the occasional drizzle catches unwary bikers before they hide under the flyovers. From way back in the 90s, this exclusive Bangalore vibe makes us want to don flannel, drop our six-strings a few inches, and hit the grunge pedals..


Land up at Fandom @ Gilly's Redefined on 9th November 2019 to catch TAAQ blazing through some of its grungiest material, spiced with 'Thermalized' renditions of Seattle's finest - everything from Nirvana to Soundgarden, Alice in Chains to Stone Temple Pilots..


It's grey. It's cool. Makes you just that little bit blue. Fall into Grunge Days..


★ Thermal And A Quarter ★


TAAQ is a path-breaking band from Bangalore, India. TAAQ describes its music as ‘Bangalore Rock’; a sound as unique and layered as the fast-growing city of its birth. Imagine a Phish-meets- Steely Dan-via-Mahavishnu-Orchestra vibe: the TAAQ sound is all that and more. Through the last 20 years, TAAQ has played all over the world, released 7 studio album (8th album out this year!!) supported acts like Deep Purple, Jethro Tull and Guns N' Roses and won awards for individual musicianship as well as overall contribution to ‘Indian Rock’.


★ What is Fandom at Gillys Redefined? ★

At Fandom, our new live venue, prepare to be blown away by sensational live performances. Our 500 standing capacity venue is fully equipped with a grand stage and a robust sound and lighting system. To find out who is performing at Fandom, just check out our Event Calendar!

★ What is Gilly's Redefined? ★

Gilly’s Redefined is the next step in the gastronomic evolution of our signature resto-bars - Gilly’s. We have kept in mind the years of feedback we’ve received from our guests, threw in some spices of inspiration and hard work, blended it with yumminess, and topped it off with top-notch entertainment throughout the week so that every day feels like the weekend.

We have carefully and lovingly curated 3 floors of unique experiences- Our vibrant restobar, Myu Bar and towering rooftop, The Terrace. Be it a working lunch, catching up with friends, a relaxing event with family … you can celebrate it here within one groovetastic destination because it’s always a good time at Gilly’s!

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