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Understanding Theatre A One-Day Theatre Appreciation Workshop by Vijay Padaki


Apr 20 2024 to Apr 20 2024 10 a.m.



Bangalore International Centre

7 4th Main Rd, Stage 2, Domlur 560071

Event Description

The programme is specially designed as a Masterclass for BIC by Prof. Padaki. The sessions during the day will be interactive, and will include exercises, films and active participation by all present. The programme at BIC will be led by Prof. Padaki himself. The programme outline and the questions it attempts to answer are as follows: How and why did mankind invent the theatre? What is the theatre different from other performing arts? Are there some things common to drama in all cultures? What is a “good” play? What to look for in a play? What goes into the making of a play? Why do some plays succeed? Why do others fail? How do actors prepare for their profession? What is the place of English language drama in India? If you have wondered about questions like these, you will enjoy taking part in the one-day workshop. The workshop is open to anybody interested in knowing more about the Theatre arts. It is not meant to be a course in acting or directing a play. It is open to participants of all ages above 16. Enrolment will be only through registration in advance. Admission is free, but the seats are limited. All interested in the workshop are requested to register early. BIC reserves the right to finalise the list of participants. The registration form can be accessed here. Facilitator Vijay Padaki Theatre Educator, Theatre Practitioner & Trustee Emeritus, Bangalore Little Theatre Prof. Vijay Padaki has worn many caps all his life. One of them is in management, with a special interest in organisation and institutional development. He was part of the founding faculty of IIM Bangalore and a tenured Professor there. The other cap has been in the theatre, being associated with Bangalore Little Theatre (BLT) from its inception in 1960. He is particularly committed to dissemination in the Theatre, which is reflected in his long track record in writing and training. He is an internationally recognised Theatre Educator with over sixty years of experience as an actor, director, designer and administrator. Prof. Padaki was responsible for several long term thrusts of BLT. For instance, the Education Enrichment programme for schools, especially reaching disadvantaged children; the History of Ideas programme of bio historical plays; the New Voices programme for promoting new writing for the theatre; the annual Children’s Theatre production that also serves as a fundraiser for a charity; and the annual Summer Project on Theatre (SPOT) that has inducted new faces into the theatre since 1988. Prof. Padaki has written over 50 original plays in English. He is the Series Editor of the unique publications project of BLT, bringing out 10 volumes of plays. He is currently a Trustee Emeritus at BLT.

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