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Vasantha Art Gallery (VAG) at Grand Mercure Gopalan Mall presents Terra Verde by Remya Kumar – a solo art show


Nov 05 2022 to Dec 05 2022 11 a.m.


Grand Mercure at Gopalan Mall

Opp RMZ Infinity Techpark Swamy Vivekananda Road 530093

Event Description

Vasantha Art Gallery (VAG) at Grand Mercure Bengaluru at Gopalan Mall presents ‘Terra Verde’ - a solo show of artworks by artist Remya Kumar. Terra Verde is Green Earth in Italian. The artworks encompass Nature in all its glory and lushness. Nature is exhilarating, enticing, and invigorating and these aspects are beautifully depicted in these 15 playful, colourful and vibrant works. Remya Kumar, the artist draws inspiration from the lush tropical feel of her homeland Kerala. Dense foliage in a myriad shapes, sizes and colours form beautiful compositions that invite the viewer into new worlds. The pandemic helped spur a change in artistic direction that the artist was longing for. "I'm at a stage in my creative process where I'm eager to try tools and media I've never used before. This experimentation has led to a new direction and has made artmaking both exciting and challenging - a combination that is most satisfying." This event is curated by ArtenBlu, a Bangalore based art consultancy firm, bringing artworks of extremely talented artists to the art patrons.

The show is a live art event where the artist will be showcasing her talent and taking us through his process and inspiration on the 5th of November, at 5 PM onwards

Price range: INR 18,000 to INR 180,000

Artist Profile: Remya Kumar is an Architect by profession. Ever since the summer of 2009, the time she seriously began painting. Art, her chosen means of creative expression, has now become her profession. From a young age, Remya has always found joy in painting and sketching. It was when she began learning art at the Ohio State University (alongside studying for her Masters in Urban Planning) that she realized art was more than just a hobby. Her teachers taught her how to look at subjects in new and exciting ways, and encouraged her to explore creative pursuits. Her art education continued in India, where she met eminent artist Mr. A.V. Ilango, who mentored her, and continues to be her guru. Her paintings are collectives for private individuals and corporate offices all over the world. Remya’s first solo show was in Chennai in 2012, and since then, she has been part of numerous solo and group shows in India and abroad. “For me, painting is the most effortless means of truly being in the present moment. I love the challenge of a blank canvas, the promise that it holds, and the thrill of experiencing a work of art blossom from that emptiness. I feel that painting is most joyous when it is spontaneous and intuitive, where one stroke of the brush beckons the next, one colour asks for another, and the process is unforced. I don’t let my prejudices get in the way of my intuition, and I love the happy surprises that happen, almost by themselves. Nature, as a subject, has beautifully lent itself to my style of painting.” - Artist Remya Kumar on her process Live Art

Event Date: November 5, 2022 – 4:30 PM onwards, high tea

Dates: 5 Nov – 5 Dec 2022 Time: 11 AM – 7 PM

Venue: Vasantha Art Gallery (VAG), Grand Mercure Bengaluru Gopalan Mall Opposite RMZ Infinity Techpark, Swamy Vivekananda Road, BENGALURU 560093

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