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"View from the 4th Row" - Streaming of Plays from Ranga Shankara's Archives Natanakairali presents 'Abhijnana Sakuntalam'


Jun 11 | 10 a.m.

Runs till: Jun 17


Ranga Shankara

36/2, 8th Cross Rd, R K Colony, 2nd Phase, J. P. Nagar 560078

Event Description

When: from Friday, 11th of June 2021-Free

Adding to its many successful digital ventures is Ranga Shankara's latest digital programme - "View from the 4th Row". Single-camera recordings of plays, recorded as an academic archiving exercise, will now be made available to audiences.

This week, 'View from the 4th Row' brings to audiences Natanakairali's 'Abhijnana Sakuntalam'. The piece is a presentation of Kalidasa's Sanskrit epic in Kerala's traditional art form of Kutiyattam. Over 2000 years old, Kutiyattam is one of India's oldest theatrical art forms that are still in practice today. 'Abhijnana Sakuntalam' is adapted to stage and directed by renowned Kutiyattam practitioner Guru G Venu and features Kapila Venu, Sooraj Nambiar, and Ammanur Rajaneesh Chakyar. The live music onstage is performed by musicians Kalamandalam Rajeev, Kalamandalam Narayanan Nambiar, Kalanilayam Unnikrishnan, and Kalanilayam Haridas. 


'Abhijnana Sakuntalam' presents the popular tale of King Dushyanta and Sakuntala's love. This interpretation features the Sutradhara, Sakuntala, and Dushyanta. The play was staged in Ranga Shankara's Annual Theatre Festival 2010, where it met with rave reviews.


'Abhijnana Sakuntalam' will be available for viewing on Ranga Shankara's YouTube channel (RangaShankaraTheatre) from 10 AM on Fri, 11 June 2021. It will remain on the channel till 11:59 PM IST on Thu, 17 June 2021. The play can be viewed free of cost.


'Abhijnana Sakuntalam' will be followed by other curated plays in the 'View from the 4th Row' programme. A new play premieres every Friday on Ranga Shankara's YouTube channel. The plays have been curated carefully to ensure the viewers get a variety in terms of age, language, and format. 


Phone: 080 2649 3982

Date:  Friday, 11th of June to Thu 17th June 2021

Time: 10:00 am onward

The play is available to both national and international audiences on Ranga Shankara's YouTube channel (RangaShankaraTheatre)

Ticket: - Free

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