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We Have The Same Stories - An Evening Of All Women Plays


Jun 25 2022 to Jun 25 2022 7 p.m.




75 17th E Main Rd, 6th Block, Koramangala 560095

Event Description

WE HAVE THE SAME STORIES No matter the country community class or caste women everywhere have to deal with the same incredibly heavy burdens.. "The pieces are comic grotesque on purpose. First of all because we women have been crying for two thousand years. So let's laugh now even at ourselves" -Franca Rame These sparkling plays ranging from the deeply serious to the extravagantly comic encompass the dramatic stuff in women's lives from domestic servitude to the assault on body and spirit of a gang rape Set at the point where reality and ideology rub up against each other these monologues are vivid concise and entertaining comments on the female condition... comic-but-angry raw-but-precise featuring: Rituparna Sanyal & Mimansa Ojha Directed; by Ranjan Kamath a natakvalas performance arts LLP production 2022 THE CAST Rituparna Sanyal has nurtured a childhood passion in the performance arts having undergone formal training in Hindustani vocals. Despite pursuing the professional path of engineering Ritu has chosen to undergo training at natakvalas where she is presently a member of the performance Ensemble. Ritu has been performing on the Bangalore stage for the last five year in various languages including English Hindi and Bengali Mimansa Ojha is a software engineer by profession who has chosen to nurture her childhood passion for the performance arts. She has performed in numerous plays especially in Hindi over the last five years including recent performances in web series for Amazon Prime. Mimansa presently is training at natakvalas where she is a member of the Performance Ensemble THE DIRECTOR Ranjan Kamath has been an independent film maker and theatre practitioner for more than three decades. He is an Associate in Speech & Drama from Trinity College London (ATCL) as well as an alumnus of the London Film School. Over the last fifteen years Ranjan has provided performance training to hundreds of young actors certified by Trinity College London and London Academy Of Drama Arts (LAMDA) He is the founder of natakvalas performance arts established in 2003. AN AURAT ALONE is a series of monologue one-act plays originally written by Dario Fo and Franca Rame featuring stories of women performed by women Waking Up deals with the incredibly heavy burden that working class women have to put up with. Not only do they work full-time in a factory office etc but they are most often expected to do everything that a traditional housewife would do: cook clean take care of the children etc while the man relaxes from a hard day of working the same hours his wife did.

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