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What The Camera Didn't See by Alexander Gorlizki/Pink City Studio


Dec 01 2023 to Mar 24 2024 10 a.m.


Price: Free Book/Buy


Museum of Art & Photography (MAP)

Kasturba Road, Bengaluru 560001

Special Instructions

This exhibition is part of our annual cultural festival, Art is Life: Old Threads, New Stories

Event Description

What The Camera Didn’t See showcases the work of Alexander Gorlizki and the Pink City Studios, Jaipur, led by Riyaz Uddin. In response to a set of photographs in the MAP collection, Gorlizki reanimates and transforms images of royalty, common people, architecture, nature, and more into vibrant, whimsical narratives by creating layered, elaborate compositions on and around the original photographs. The artworks weave the old and new, the known and the mysterious, in extraordinary ways. Have you ever wondered what’s the story behind the stoic faces in old photographs? 'What The Camera Didn't See' explores the interplay between the two mediums, breathing life into these formal compositions from vintage photographs and those from the museum's collection. Through the 23 artworks in this exhibition, Alexander Gorlizki conceptualises fantastical reimaginings of static moments by injecting a new dimension of the contemporary. While Pink City Studio adds colour and patterns into the scenes, together transforming images of royalty, common folk, architecture, and nature into whimsical narratives. Join us on a captivating journey through time and imagination as we explore the depths of history and artistry in 'What The Camera Didn't See Alexander Gorlizki/Pink City Studio.'

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