Women's Circle

Shoonya - Centre for Art and Somatic Practices

Women's Circle

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Shoonya - Centre for Art and Somatic Practices | Bangalore |

Feb 28 | 10 a.m.

Ends on: Feb 29

About Women's Circle

The circle is to get women to grow, articulate, realise their highest potential - be the being, live, create, transform without fear..... 

I, as a psychologist, healer, dance/creative movement therapist, am here to witness your journey as you blossom into the proverbial butterfly while you open your wings to fly.....

I use creativity, movement, meditation, storytelling, role plays, dyad-work, group work, art, the circle, among other techniques in this journey......

The circle is for women who…
… want to explore their inner potential
… long to do more in their life but are yet unsure
… are ready for transformation, growth, radical change
… are maybe feeling claustrophobic / restless, wanting to explore the unknown
---or who just want to enhance their self

Fee: Rs 3,500/- per person……  
Early Bird Rs 3,000/- before 31st Jan 2020

SBI A/c no: 00000062466809929, IFSC Code: SBIN0021160 
Whatsapp: +919985199887 (message once paid)