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Beeryani Festival At Ramada

Return of Tiger Trail has a festival featuring beer and biryani, a biblical couple if Adam and Eve hadn’t beat them to it. The Beeryani Festival at Ramada offers traditional biryani served with Shorba and Raitha and all with a beer on the side. (Or beer is the main course and the rest are sides. Depends on your inner Homer Simpson.)

The biryani is cooked in a traditional dum pukht style using firewood and claypots to keep all the smokey flavours and spices packed in. What’s more is the biryani is served with a few beers on the side.

What’s on offer?

Half Ticket: comes with 1 pint of beer for Rs 399 plus taxes
Full Ticket: comes with 2 pints of beer for Rs 499 plus taxes

The festival offer is on till 24 July, 2017.

You can make a reservation with the hotel by calling +91 80 2286 5566

At Hotel Ramada.