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Bowl Fest At Radisson Blu Atria

To cater to the global traveller, there is a bowl fest at Radisson Blu Atria. There isn’t much travelling one needs to do to enjoy the comfort of a bowl meal. They are wholesome, tasty and quick.

The concept of “bowls” is mainly seen in Asian countries. Noodle soup and congee can’t be enjoyed anyway else. The bowl fest at Radisson Blu Atria also has bowls from Malaysia like the Mee Goreng, Korean Bibimbap, Bangkok Coconut Curry Noodle Bowl, Italian Mushroom Risotto Bowl and a Tex Mex Cottage Cheese Bowl.

The promotion at The Whiskey Bar gives a taste of their cocktails too like the Beijing Bellini, Singapore Sling, and Lotus Blossom.

The bowl fest continues till 24 March, 2018. Prices of the bowls start at Rs 599.

At The Whisky Bar, Radisson Blu Atria.