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Brunch By The Gardens At Lalit

On Sunday, brunch by the gardens at Lalit or gaze at the pool. 27/7 their all day, multi-cuisine restaurant offers respite from the summer heat. In Bangalore summer heat is coupled with monsoon showers and 24/7 ambiance lends to the outside temperature, no matter what it is. The pool is not off limits which is a plus.

Aside from the ambiance the brunch has an entertainment line up of musician Mike Kerr playing rock numbers, magicians, clowns, bouncy castle and more.

The extensive menu has many live counter serving Continental grills, chaat, kebabs, pasta, tacos and Andhra Pesarattu. In addition, the buffet menu has Indian, Continental and Asian dishes with a variety of desserts too.

This brunch without alcohol would just be called lunch so to correct that there is an extensive alcohol list serving hard liquor, beer, wine and sparkling wine.


Sunday Brunch By The Gardens At Lalit


The Lalit Ashok


With alcohol- Rs 2450 plus taxes
Without alcohol- Rs 1795 plus taxes 
Kids menu- Rs 1000 plus taxes