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Chef Suresh Babu Believes Creating Is Part Of His Job

Chef Suresh Babu believes in keeping high standards as well. At Clarks Exotica, he says you should have the Mushroom Risotto. In conversation with Explocity, he says, “if you see it, you will want to eat it.”

Where did you grow up?

I am born and brought up in Bangalore. Bangalore is everything to me; my entire life is in Bangalore.

What led you to becoming a Chef?

Well, when I was doing my training at Taj Residency Bangalore (MG Road), which is now called as Taj Vivanta, there were two Chefs – Chef Vijayan and Chef Deago - looking at the way both these Chefs used to present the food is what inspired me to become a chef. And thus, my career began from there.

How long have you been a chef?

I have been a Chef for two decades now.

What do you enjoy more? Cooking or creating?

I enjoy cooking more, creating is a part of my job. I need to keep myself updated. We do not follow recipes of others; we need to create one from what we know. I always try keeping things in high standard.

Do you feel there is virtue in preserving the authenticity of cuisine?

Yes, because we should first have the base. If I know the base, then out of it I can create anything. We need to have some authenticity, on that base, we can create things. If I don’t know something then I will not be sure as what am I going to do.

What dish do you like eating the most?

I like the Mushroom Risotto very much. It is an Italian dish. You will feel like eating, if you will look at the way it is been prepared. If there is any of it left over, we can prepare into Arancini balls freeze it and then fry it. This gives it a different taste and which tastes even great.

What’s your least favorite dish?

There is nothing as least favorite dish because unless I don’t know what is bad, I don’t know what is good.

How long have you been in Bangalore?

As mentioned, I am born and brought up in Bangalore. So, I have been in the city for a very long.

Do you like it here?

Bangalore is my favorite. Though, off late, the city’s climate is tending to be very hot and whatever is happening is happening at an extreme level, whether it’s hot, cold or a rainy day. People who used to stay here 20 years back will know how it was and the difference. I feel like I get to see the old Bangalore only when there is a bandh.