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Fantastic Bibimbap And How To Eat It

Here’s a dish for you. It’s tasty, nutritious, filling and flavourful. You just have to learn how to say Bibimbap. And how to eat it. Bi-bim-bap like a lot of Korean dishes is similar to Indian food in it’s flavours and spices. But it’s still intimidating to us because the dish is segregated in the bowl. And more so because of the chopsticks. To great relief, you don’t eat Bibimbap with chopsticks. Use your spoon to scoop out the rice. The chopsticks are used to pick up parts of the dish that you want, like the carrots, mushrooms or meat, and place that on top of the little mound of rice you have on your spoon.

The dish is served variously but in this video you see it served in a granite bowl. So the mixed rice dish is cooked in the bowl and keeps the Bibimbap still cooking when it is served to you. Why would you want to eat a dish that is still cooking, you wonder. But you really do. Because the granite bowl cooks the bottom layer of the rice into a crispy rice cake to give your meal that crunch.

But still, there are so many elements to the Bibimbap and you are still not sure of the right etiquette so you skip past it on the menu. Don’t miss out on this one. Just watch the video to learn about the fantastic Bibimbap and how to eat it.