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Flavours Of Vietnam And Thailand At Taj West End

Starting today there is an Asian food festival focussing on the flavours of Vietnam and Thailand at Taj West End. Chefs from Thai Pavilion at Vivanta by Taj President in Mumbai come together with Chef Sandip Narang for this festival. It will be hosted at Blue Ginger.

Vietnamese and Thai dishes are known for fresh ingredients and while it may be spicy, it is also cooling for summer.
Some of the dishes are Yum Won Sen, Pla Neung Manao, Kai Phad King Taosi, Poo Nim Phad Pong Kari, and more in the non-vegetarian section. Vegetarians can order some Phad Phak, Som Tom, Yum Ma Muang, Man Jian and more.

Asian desserts on the menu are Fok Thong Sankaya, Tub Tim Grob and more.

The festival is on till 28 May, 2017 for lunch and dinner.

At Blue Ginger, Taj West End.