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Many Cultures Of Drunk Foods

The world likes drinking. And the culture of drinking has led to certain ‘drunk foods’ (food you eat when you’re drunk) becoming very popular in different countries.

The most popular drunk foods can usually be found in food carts outside popular bars no matter where in the world you are. This just makes it so much easier when you stumble out after last call.

Think taco truck, hot dog stand or a doner cart (in Turkey) selling hot meats wrapped in delicious carbs.

Whether you’re on a diet or not, if you’ve spent the evening drinking, there’s nothing more satisfying than a fistful of carbs to round off a drunken night.

In India we may not openly talk of a drinking culture, but still, when you leave a pub after last call and all the restaurants nearby are already shut, and your bleary eye spots a vada pao cart, it is happiness you feel.

Watch this video to see who in the world is eating what after a good night on the town.