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Meet Chef Suvaranjan Banerjee

Meet Chef Suvaranjan Banerjee. He is the Executive Chef at The Lalit. He tells Explocity what he likes about being a chef and what led him to it.

Where did you grow up?

My early days of growing up happened in Kolkata, however, Bangalore has been the city where I grew up professionally.

What led you to becoming a chef?

While in hotel school, we were exposed to all four core departments of the industry. Food Production appealed to me the most as it involved lot of creativity and passion. It was probably after industry exposure, I realised that this is what I like and where I fit in most comfortably. This is how I started grooming myself as a chef.

How long have you been a chef?

It’s about to be 15 years.

What do you enjoy more? Cooking or creating?

Creating…and creating….and creating.

What dish do you like eating the most?

I eat almost everything. But I can live my life completely on the fish curry and steamed rice made by my mom.

What’s your least favourite dish?

I avoid pumpkins.

How long have you lived in Bangalore?

About 14 years now.

Do you like it here?

Absolutely. It’s a fun and interesting place with good people around and a whole bunch of foodies who does not mind trying anything new.


Photo credits: linkedin