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Noodle Theatre With Chef Jack Wang At Shangri-La

Hand pulled noodles is an art. Some would call it Noodle Theatre which is being performed by Chef Jack Wang at Shangri-La. The particular noodles are called Lamian noodles. The noodle dough is pulled and folded and pulled again to attain the perfectness that noodles always seems to have.

b-Cafe is hosting Chef Jack Wang who is visiting from Shangri-La, Xian for this Chinese food promotion. The food and the special Lamian noodles is native to China’s North Western Capital, Lanzhou.

Chef Wang will make your noodles live demonstrating the speed and dexterity to make these hand pulled noodles. The freshly made noodles are usually had with different broths. Some dishes during the promotion are Spicy Chicken Noodles, Sliced Noodles with Braised Beef and Biang Biang Noodles with Chilli and Oil.

The visual and filling treat is on till 25 March, 2018 for lunch and dinner.

At b-Cafe, Shangri-La Hotel.