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Rock Oysters At The Royal Orchid Brunch

Rock Oysters At The Royal Orchid Brunch

If breakfast is the king of all meals, brunch is its fat cousin. The Royal Orchid Brunch is packed with live counters, many different cuisines, a kids corner, desserts and more. Every Sunday there is a Royal Orchid brunch at Verve at Royal Orchid Resort and Convention Centre and Limelight At Royal Orchid.

What’s popular? Verve boasts of its pizzas and cold cuts. Limelight has a Khow Suey bar and Rock Oysters on ice.

Common to both brunches, there is Indian, Italian and Asian cuisine. There is also a huge selection of salads.

There are many live counters for the food. These include wood fired pizza counter, shawarma counter, chaats, pav bhaji and kheema pav, and Mongolian noodles.

The dessert counter at both the restaurants are visually appealing as desserts should be.

What’s different? Verve offer a complimentary beer or wine with the brunch. Limelight has a kids section with a trampoline, arts and crafts and more.

Now to pricing.

At Limelight the brunch is:

Non-alcoholic brunch- Rs 1300 plus taxes per person

Alcoholic brunch- Rs 1800 plus taxes per person

Kids brunch- Half price for kids between six and 11 years.

At Verve:

Bira Beer Brunch- Rs 1199 plus taxes per person

Liquor Brunch- Rs 1599 plus taxes per person