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Shavir Bacha Loves Butter Chicken

Where you ask? Shavir Bacha is quick to name Masala Klub. The only restaurant in the city, he believes makes an authentic Butter Chicken. In conversation with Explocity.


Are you a foodie?



What’s your favourite cuisine?



What’s the last place that you went to in Bangalore that you really enjoyed? What did you eat there that stood out?

Bombay Brasserie in Indiranagar. The way they serve their food is very unique but don’t remember what I ate.


What’s your favourite dish of all time and where did you eat it?

Butter Chicken. The nicest one I have had in the city is Masala Klub at Taj West End.


What is your least favourite dish?



If you have to recommend a place to our readers what will it be?

Blue Ginger.