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Shizusan: The Modern Shophouse

A shophouse, a concept that was common in Southeast Asia, is a pretty self explanatory term. Work on the ground floor and live above it.

Shizusan follows the same concept but only in style.

Whereas the original shophouses were small, dingy, dirty and crowded, the modern-day Shizusan is located on the top floor of Phoenix Marketcity in Whitefield. So once you are done buying your wares from the various shops downstairs, you can take a well-earned rest-stop at this Pan Asian restaurant.

The menu ranges from the convenient and ready-to-run to lavish.

There are curry bowls and ramens for those looking to dine and dash, please pay your tab first.

The restaurant was inspired by 18th century colonial rule. The rich Asian lands were pumped for spices and opium and traded across the world. Traders that reached these Asian lands needed a place to stay, that did not rock under their feet, after spending months in a boat.

The ambience is open and green and much larger than a traditional shophouse and the cuisine spans China, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea, Philippines all the way to Japan.

Maki Rolls like the Rainbow Maki Roll, Sashimi and Nigiri start the meal along with Gyozas, Dim Sum like the Poached Chicken Dumplings, and Baos.

There are salads like the an Asian Watermelon Salad and the famous Som Tam and soups.

Shizusan: The Modern Shophouse
For main course, there are curries like Massaman and Rendang. There is also Singaporean Chilli Crab, XO Prawns, Green Beans and Mushroom Stir Fry that are served with a choice of staples.

Cleverly, the restaurant does not do traditional Asian desserts which take a bit of getting used to. Their take on the desserts include Tender Coconut Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse Banana Cake, Singaporean Kaya Bread Pudding and more.

Shizusan: The Modern Shophouse
The beverage menu is extensive with interesting cocktails, Asian beers, Moonshine, Sake and a range of Asian teas and coffees.

Shizusan in all its modernity is the epitome of abundance, unlike the beliefs of monks that less is more. But, hey, no complaints when it comes to food.