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Sly Granny Celebrates America’s Diversity This Fourth Of July

The American Independence Day is celebrated with great pomp, show and fireworks and like all things that America has commercialised, Fourth Of July is one of them. Nestled in Bangalore’s Indiranagar pocket, Sly Granny celebrates American Independence with Granny’s Americana.

The celebration is on for a week with a menu that showcases small plates and desserts. The menu at Sly Granny anyway features some American favourites but for Independence Week there is a lot more. The all American Grilled Cheese, Corn Dogs, Mac & Cheese, and PB&J are on the special menu.

But American cuisine is so much more than that. They have Cajun and Creole and African- American communities and Native American and food brings all these communities together. The cuisines have a bit of a twist in true Granny style. There is Kurkure Okra, which is fried okra with a creole rubbed, cornmeal crust. This is served with tomato jalapeno salsa, sour cream and hot sauce. Fry Bread is a Native American fried bread topped with refried beans, mango salsa, fried plantain, hot sauce and sour cream.

To represent Southern households there is the Sly FC which is a Southern style buttermilk fried chicken with a maple thyme drizzle and hot sauce. The Shrimp Po’boy is crispy popcorn shrimp, toasted corn bread and spicy mayo served with cajun dusted sweet potato chips.

Desserts for the week are Banana Cream Pie, Meringue Pie and the PB&J.

The festivities continue through the week of July 3rd to 7th, 2017. A live band will play country music on 5th July, 2017.



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Average price for two is Rs 2400 plus taxes