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The 12 Bowls Of Food At Monkey Bar

While they can’t promise you a bed and a blanket to curl up in, the “One Bowl Winter”the 12 bowls of food at Monkey Barpromises to crave home. The food is designed to be hearty and soul-satisfying.

The best claimant to this promise is the creamy Rajma Chawal that is accompanied by some chilli pickle, papad, sirka onions, spinach pakoda, tawa aloo, radish salad, spicy yoghurt and a bowlful of ghee. Move over khichidi.

Rajma did not originate in India, this maroon, reddish protein-filled kidney-shaped bean was first grown in Mexico. It travelled with the Portuguese to Europe and made its way to the south-western coast of India.

But before the whole of North India goes up in arms about their cultural cornerstone coming from western Karnataka, we concede rajma chawal, with the onions, lime and masala is their proud concoction.

The 12 Bowls Of Food At Monkey Bar

At Monkey Bar’s promotion, best part about the dish (other than its rather slick presentation): is that it tastes like home food.No fancy fusion gimmicks, no molecular gastronomy... it’s wholesome food that makes you crave home.

The other is the Korean Bibimbap. Unless you are Korean, this dish will not make you think of home but this dish is a winner for the way the meat has been cooked. Bibimbap translates to “mixed rice” and here the pinky sticky rice is served with sprouts, carrots, genes, and a delectable gochujang steak - spicy with succulent meat.

The 12 Bowls Of Food At Monkey Bar

Nationalists also may rejoice at this festival. There’s khichidi. And here it gets a sophisticated makeover with the addition of slow-cooked mushrooms. Other interesting options on the menu include the Panch Phoran and Kasundi Maach, Nagarjuna Inspired Chilli Chicken, Kashmiri Yakhni and good old Sesame Teriyake Chicken Bowl.

Where: Monkey Bar, Bangalore: # 610, 12th Main Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore- 560 038.

Tel: +91 80 44114455

When: Nov 15 - Dec 30, 2017