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The Last Of Navratri At ITC Gardenia

As we come to end of the Dussehra festivities, there is an opportunity to end the year with a grand Navratri at ITC Gardenia. Cubbon Pavilion has a Saatvik menu for the occasion.

Saatvik cuisine is designed on the basis of “you are what you eat.” Which means that your internal well-being gives birth to overall well-being. So the dishes are not just vegetarian but the purest form of vegetarianism. Dishes like Kuttu Ki Kadhi, Methi Paneer, Soma Rice, Koothu Paratha and more will be prepared as per the ayurvedic science.

Today is your last chance to experience a meal that helps you attain “physical, mental and spiritual well-being.” The lunch and dinner is price is Rs 1250 plus taxes.

At ITC Gardenia.