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The Oberoi Sunday Gourmet Lunch

At the Oberoi two of their restaurants team up for the Sunday Gourmet lunch. Rim Naam and Le Jardin offer the same spread of global cuisines to its guests.
What’s popular? Seafood selection and cold cuts with oysters being a main attraction. They also have live counters which allow for guests to interact with the chefs at the tandoor, grills, stir fry and pasta counters.
Playing on the strengths of both the restaurants there are dishes like biryani, Thai Curry, lasagna, Kung Pao Chicken and more.
The dessert counter sees many tarts, pies, mini pastries, ice cream, gelato and sorbet flavours.
Opt out of a virgin brunch with Prosecco, Champagne and cocktails.
The brunch is priced at Rs 1950 plus taxes without alcohol, Rs 2950 plus taxes with sparkling wine and Rs 3950 plus taxes with Champagne.
Reservations are preferred so you can call them on +91 080 2558 5858.

At Oberoi.