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There’s A Biryani For Every Occasion

Eid just passed and you would think we had enough of biryani for a while. But the city is already buzzing with 5 Star hotels and other establishments hosting biryani food promotions. Seems like there's a biryani for every occasion.

Biryani really seems like food for the soul of Indians, carb and masala loaded and ready to go. The greasiness ensures it keeps well and is also a great hangover cure. It goes down well with a chilled beer if you are looking to make that hangover happen. That way you can have more biryani. This clever food seems to have created a cycle for itself that just leads to more biryani. There is a variation coming out of every corner of the country but largely 18 varieties can be accounted for, as per this video.

Take a look and tell us your favourite.