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Thirst Quenchers At Sanchez

The summer leaves you craving a cold drink. If Bangaloreans don’t understand summer heat, the Mexicans definitely do. There are special summer thirst quenchers at Sanchez for the season. Till June end these quenchers are available to taste.

These drinks are nonalcoholic as well as alcohol based. The non- alcoholic drinks are Red Hibiscus Brewed Iced Tea, Horchata with ground almonds, rice, cinnamon and Aqua de Chia which is lemonade made with chia seeds.

Alcoholic drinks are El Suero made with beer and lemon with ice and spiced salt rims and Michelada, that is another beer based cocktail that is spicy like a Bloody Mary.

Prices of the Summer Special Thirst Quenchers starts at Rs 215.

What: Thirst Quenchers At Sanchez.