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Tuscan Cuisine At ITC Windsor

Italian cuisine is one of the most famous in the world. But Italian isn’t just one type of cuisine. There is the coastal Italian, Southern and Northern Italian that all have varying factors like climate that determine the produce and hence the food itself. Of this, the cuisine of Florence, most central in Italy, brings the country’s cuisine together. To get an actual taste, the Tuscan cuisine at ITC Windsor is on offer till 15 October, 2018.

Taking a page from sister property ITC Gardenia’s Ottimo, the set menu allows your taste buds to experience the country through its cuisine. Chef Akshraj Jodha has a menu from antipasti to dessert.

Tye antipasti is Burrata and Bruschetta, Secondi is Chicken Marsala or Wild Mushroom Risotto and dessert is Panforte with fruits and ice cream or a Schiacciata Alla Fiorentina which is the festive carnival cake of Tuscany.

The menu is served at Raj Pavilion for lunch and dinner. It is priced at Rs 1250 plus taxes.