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Tuscany Pops Up At Shangri-La

Que Sera Sera is the most popular Italian phrase in the English speaking world. La Dolce Vita, meaning “the sweet life” comes a close second. This weekend, “la dolce vita” is what will “sera sera” as Tuscany pops up at Shangri-La, Bangalore.
The Tuscan pop up pays homage to Chianti at Caprese. Italian Chefs Monica and Franca demonstrate their menu with a special wine pairing. The studied chefs are using local ingredients to interpret Tuscan cuisine. The region being in central Italy is more bread, cheese, pasta, olive oil and meat focussed. Not very different but still dissimilar to southern Italy where the cuisine borrows from the rich coastline and so includes seafood, fresh veggies, and fruits. Central Italy has reaps most of the wines though.
To better understand the Tuscan region, the pop up has dishes like Ricotta Cheese Flan with Confit Cherry Tomatoes, Artichokes and Leek Lasagnette, Fusilli Olive Pesto and Scamorza Cheese and Olives, and Breaded Codfish Fillet with creamed potatoes and more.
The menu is available for lunch and dinner till 18 February, 2018.
At Caprese, Shangri-La, 56-6B Palace Road, Level 18, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore 560052