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WelcomHotel Goes Local

As olde Bangaloreans, the word “local” to describe food is irksome, so the description that WelcomHotel goes local needs qualification by this writer.

Growing up in this city, Punjabi food would find its way to the table from the Sardar neighbours, while the smell of a Malayali Meen Moilee would draw us to the other neighbour’s dining table. Luckily we were the house in the middle with a Punjabi and Malayali neighbour on either side. So when the question of local food arises we are at a loss as to what to put into that category. Dosa? Sambar? Didn’t one come from Tamil Nadu and the other from the Marathas? Well the good thing about food is that it brings people together. We can fight over what food is from where, but we’ll still do it together, midst a meal.

A perfect place for one such debate is at WelcomCafe Jacaranda where the WelcomHotel goes local. Their buffet focuses on local with a Pan Indian zing. Local encompasses all of South India but the produce is sourced locally.

WelcomHotel has guests from all over the world so they like to give them a taste of the local culture. Right from the welcome to greeting to food, guests get a local feel. Of course, the buffet also has some western dishes for those who wish.

Speaking to Explocity, Chef Dhaval Ajmera says, “It wasn’t until I was posted to Bangalore that I realised the variety of food. Up north, south Indian food is basically Idli and Dosa. I’d like to change that impression for our guests so my menu has seasonal local cuisine that is also sourced locally.”

On the menu you will find dishes like Balakai Huvu Vada, Mysore Chilli Chicken, Coorgi Kori Biryani, Goan Fish Fry, Jhinga Malai, along with western dishes like Roast Chicken and Hummus.
While some of these dishes might not seem uncommon to you, what the hotel does a little differently are the breads. Items like Akki Roti fit nicely into their Local Love theme.

The desserts is where they get creative with Elaneer Panna Cotta, Dharwad Peda and a Filter Coffee Ice Cream.

This buffet is available for dinner and a power lunch option. Prices are Rs 1100 and Rs 1000 plus taxes respectively.