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You Are What You Eat

This saying - you are what you eat - never really made much sense in the modern world. Now that ancient concepts like ayurveda are making a global comeback it’s starting to make more literal sense. This saying did probably come from ancient ayurvedic concepts. The energy you get from food makes you who you are. Food can make you happy, sad, or angry. Indian food is high is spice and oil and can affect your entire lifestyle. Which is why you will find that ayurvedic, sattvik, rajasic or tamasic foods prepared with your lifestyle and health in mind. Food is for the mind body and soul and this video shows you how each food can move from a sattvik to rajasic to tamasic just by dint of its preparation. 

Choose which food suits your lifestyle and how small renovations to your diet can change your lifestyle and your spiritual vibe.
Watch this video here to see how you can get the best out of your diet and not just be what you eat but eat based on who you are or what you want to become.