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Your Southern Roots Lie In Dakshin Of Course

In a quiet corner of ITC Windsor Dhoti-clad waiters serve, to ambient Carnatic music. Yoursouthern roots lie in Dakshinbecause it is the classic South Indian establishment. Although they opened 22 years ago and they are steeped in tradition,. Dakshin introduces a new, old way of South Indian dining, done the x way: a menu with five meals, each catering to those who want a whole new gastronomic experience.

Speaking to Explocity, Executive Chef Praveen Anand said about the new menu, “South Indian cuisine at (it’s) heart is about experiencing a multitude of flavours and textures all in one meal. While we had a traditional a-la-carte menu before, we decided to introduce the new meals as an offer that allow guests to experience everything in one meal.”

Your Southern Roots Lie In Dakshin Of Course

Anand explained that their five menus are based on variety and price:

Saivam, which contains the staples.

Asaivam, the non-vegetarian variant

Sampoornam, which consists of a veg thali

There is also a non-veg Sampoornam option

Matsyam, a menu for the seafood lovers (with an optional prawn biryani)

Regardless of what menu you choose, you’ll be treated to some standard starters, like the appalams. And the special Dakshin appam is among the best we’ve ever ingested.

Their Sampoornam menu consisted of a assemblage of non-veg dishes, with a crabmeat starter that was correctly spiced, some Telangana chicken that lit our tastebuds, and other regional varieties. Bisi Bele Baath is one of the standard dishes in the veg menu. And the dessert was a unique twist on a common street drink: coconut water payasam.

Dakshin’s new menu is rolling out soon at all Dakshin branches, and is currently on offer at ITC Windsor, Bangalore.