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Chef Gaurav Gidwani Says Authentic Cuisine Has Soul

Chef Gaurav Gidwani is the Director, Food and Beverage, of Corum Hospitality. That’s the company that gave us The Bar Stock Exchange. Chef Gaurav was in Bangalore for over a month and loves the fact that Bangaloreans are open to experimenting with new flavours and cuisines. That still makes him want to stay authentic and veer away from fusion. In conversation with Explocity.

Where did you grow up?

Aamchi Mumbai.

What led you to becoming a chef?

Growing up in a family where food is celebrated in everyday life and watching my mother cook with such love and contentment piqued the interest in me to learn more about food and cooking. At a very early age itself, I had started experimenting in the kitchen. As time moved along, my interest got stronger and eventually started taking the shape of passion. I got clear then that I definitely want to explore ‘food’ and pursue this as my career.

How long have you been a chef?

Two decades.

What do you enjoy more? Cooking or creating?

Both. I enjoy cooking because it means I’m creating something. These two words are synonymous to me.

Do you feel there is virtue in preserving the authenticity of cuisine?

Absolutely. The authenticity of a cuisine is what brings the soul in it. Any twist, amalgamation, fusion etc create different versions of a particular cuisine, but if you want the original flavour then you need to preserve its authenticity. I feel that classics should not be touched and try to maintain the original dish profile as much as you can. Even if there is a twist given the authenticity should reflect on your taste buds and the you should have the subtle notes of the twist.

What dish do you like eating the most?

Dal Khichdi, Papad (the Sindhi in me wants it) and Khatti Meethi Tamatar Chutney (Bonus if you get it)

What’s your least favourite dish?

I’m not very fond of dishes made with apple gourd (Tenda) probably an experiment that went wrong at home ages ago which keeps me away from it.

How long have you been in Bangalore?

Ideally I’m not from Bangalore but have been in this city for work and pleasure both. This time for more than a month on work. But, yeah, have made several visits earlier.

Do you like it here?

It’s a lovely cosmo city which has its unique vibe. Love the food here, love the people and also love the fact that they are open to try new things. I feel it is a very good ground for experimentation as the acceptance levels of this city are high.

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