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Coffee Santhe Is Back At Chitra Kala Parishad

In it’s 4th edition, the Coffee Santhe is back at Chitra Kala Parishad. The promise is to kick start the new year with new blends, techniques and styles.

The Santhe offers coffee from some of the best estates in the country. You can learn about blends with demonstrations on how to create different blends with different equipment. There are demonstrations on roast beans vs ground coffee, food and coffee pairing, foods made with coffee, coffee art and more.

There is yoga, food, music and other entertainment during the festival.

The event aims to raise funds for various women’s organisation to uplift women in the coffee estates and outside.
This will be held on 1, 2 and 3 December, 2017 from 10am to 7:30pm.

At Chitra Kala Parishad.

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