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Green Without Envy This St Patrick’s Day At Irish House

This St Patrick’s Day at Irish House, the green theme will try to make you turn green without envy. There are green beer, and drinking games to celebrate the evangelisation of Christianity in pagan Ireland.

There are offers all day at Irish House. Green beer on tap at Rs 75 and also offers on all Irish drinks. Get one plus one on Irish Coffee, Irish Trash Can, Irish Mule and more. Bar food like grills, appetisers and pizzas are available for sustenance.

There are games that let you win beer vouchers. Stack cups to form a pyramid in great speed to win a voucher. Chug a litre of beer in one go to get the pitcher on Irish House and a free beer voucher. Other games like coin toss, high card, rock, paper, scissors will get you free green beers. In a game they like to call Man vs Game you could get a free burger if you eat it in 30 minutes.

What: Games and offers on beer and food for St Patrick’s Day

Where: The Irish House

When: 17 March, 2017

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