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Indian Fine Dine And Wine At Ssaffron At Shangri La

A fine dining experience generally brings the image of gold rimmed crockery, glistening silverware and crystal glassware from which to sip wine. Cuisines that immediately come to mind are French or Italian. Does one ever think Indian fine dine? But the cuisine is leaky sauces mainly eaten by hand. What’s fine dine about that? Ssaffron at Shangri La has a new menu that defines Indian fine dine. This features foods of the royals that is paired by wine.

The Indian speciality restaurant focusses on royalty cuisine from Punjab, Hyderabad, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. General Manager of the hotel Andreas Streiber commented on the menu saying, “We are very passionate about continuously delighting the epicureans with our distinctive creations. Our chefs are experts at combining age-old recipes with advanced cooking techniques.” The menu has been created by Executive Chef Anurudh Khanna.

The wine paired menu features dishes like Silbatta Ke Tikkey, Murgh Hazari, Meen Kozhambu,Haleem Tarkari, Karuveppilai Poondu Kozhambu and Zaraja Parantha Traditional and more. Sweet dishes like Chakar Ada Pradaman, Rangoli Kulfi and Khubani ka Meetha are also on the menu.

At SSaffron at Shangri La

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