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Meet Chef Neeraj from Ginseng at Royal Orchid

Meet Chef Neeraj from Ginseng at Royal Orchid. Chef has prepared a special Chinese New Year menu for the season. He’s excited to showcase this menu as these are his favourite dishes to make.

Where did you grow up?
I was born and brought up in Kathmandu.

What led you to becoming a chef?
As a child I always had a fascination for food that came from watching my mother cook. From the age of 10 I started helping my mother in the kitchen and learning about herbs and their importance to provide flavour in food. This way I the interest to become a chef.

How long have you been a chef?
I have been in the industry for almost 20 years.

What food is made at home and do you cook it?
At home it is a simple Nepali home style food. My wife mostly cooks. I rarely cook at home.

What do you enjoy more? Cooking or creating?
I enjoy both. Nowadays more importance is given to creativity through plating but I prefer meeting the expectations of the guest after understanding his choice of preparation before serving.

Do you feel there is virtue in preserving the authenticity of cuisine?
Yes, as the culture of a place or country is kept alive by its food and cuisine.

What dish do you like eating the most?
Simple home made fish.

What’s your least favourite dish?
Never found a dish I didn’t liked.

How long have you lived in Bangalore?
For 12 years now.

Do you like it here?
Living in the city has created many avenues for me because I get great exposure and to meet new people. I love living in Bangalore.

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