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Pub Hop- Prajith Menon

Senior Manager - Client Servicing

Actimedia Pvt Ltd

How often do you go out clubbing?

It depends. I go twice a month for clubbing with my set of close friends.

Which is your favourite nightclub?

My favourite nightclub in Bangalore is Opus.

Which pub would you go to unwind after a hard day’s work?

I usually go to Elangos in Koramangala. They serve good food, it isn’t too crowded and play nice music.

What is one issue you have with the party scene in the city?

DANCE – There are very few clubs with good dance floors in the city and of course the shutting time for the pubs needs to be extended till 12.30 PM.

Were could you take someone for an intimate evening over drinks?

I would take her to ‘Pink Popaddom’ at ISTA, love the lights and mood of the restaurant.

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