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Scott Kirk The Brewmaster Talks About Ragi Beer

Scott Kirk is the Brewmaster at The Pump House. Like a true brewmaster his favourite drink is beer, then water, but never ever a Jager. Ask him why, we’re sure you’ll get a few good stories out of it. In conversation with Explocity.


Where did you grow up?

I was born and mostly raised in Ohio of the USA.  I spent two years of my childhood in Tennessee but the rest of my upbringing in Ohio.  


Do you:

  1.  Drink too much?

  2.  Drink too little?

I think it's unfair to put it that way for many of us drinkers.  Anything over one a day has been deemed unhealthy...by the WHO I think.  What matters, I think, is that our drinking never hurts us personally or professionally, and in that I feel I drink just enough. What separates craft drinkers is that most of us drink for taste and not only to get high.


How long have you been a brewer?

I started brewing at home about 10 years ago. From there about seven years ago I started in a brewery in Alaska washing kegs.  I worked up from there to cellaring and then brewing. After becoming a brewer I took courses from Siebel in brewing and brewing theory, but it was the hard work from the bottom that I credit for any great beer that I make today.


What is your favourite combination?

I don't know what this question is about...cocktails, food pairing, lock dynamics...That said I love pairing IPA's with food, as I find them the most difficult.  As for booze, I like a well-made spicy Bloody Mary before a meaty meal or a good bourbon whiskey before or after a stout sometimes.


What are the top unwritten laws of beer brewing? 

There aren't many written ones to begin with, and more rules would mean less innovation for us. Be clean, then clean more, then clean again to be sure. I judge a dirty brewer as having a dirty brewery, which makes it nigh impossible to make good, consistent product.


What is your favourite drink?

Beer.  Then water.  Sometimes quality whiskey.  My mood and what I'm brewing plays a large part in my beer choices. I also love salty lime sodas. I've found few things better when I walk from the brewery dehydrated some days.


What’s your least favourite drink?

I'm not a fan of sugary or super herbal cocktails. More than anything I can't stand Jager. I ruined that for myself when I was young and dumb.


What would be the perfect beer to represent Bangalore? Why?

I don't think there is one yet. One day I hope India makes the IPA their own. It is complex enough to make an Indian version unique without being gimmicky. The ragi beers I've tried are uniquely Indian as I can tell, but I've had too few so far that seemed close to past being a gimmick.  I didn't try many, so maybe I missed a great one, or should not complain and try one myself.


How long have you been in Bangalore?

I got here in Oct, 2017. I've visited a few locales around the country for a few days each, but most all of my time has been here in Bangalore.


Do you like it here?

How could I not?  Most of the craft beer here is good and I've come to love the melting pot of curries here. I also can't stand the cold, so that's a big step up from Alaska.


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