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Sports Bars In Bangalore Are Not The Only Places To Watch Football

One of the best things about the World Cup is that it literally brings the world together. Even your small world, because you want to share the games with your closest friends and family. So what if your couldn’t make it to Russia, you can cheer your favourite FIFA team at your favourite sports bars in Bangalore.



The Oterra in Electronic City has a cocktail menu for top teams and players. For England they have Beckham’s Long Range Goal. The cocktail has “all white spirits” (ironic much? given history and all), with beer and grenadine.



Sanchez, the Mexican restaurant in UB City has a special menu for the World Cup. The Oaxacan Pizza is one of the dishes to hit Bangalore right from the streets of Oaxaca. Available all day till 15 July, 2018. The prices start from Rs 295.



Radisson Blu Atria has a special Pomegranate Tea for the team. The fruit is believed to have originated from Granada, (pomme- fruit, granate- of Granada) and spread to the world from there. The hot tea is also great during Bangalore monsoons.



It’s not football season if Lionel Messi doesn’t get a special tribute. The Oterra has a cocktail for him too -- Messi’s Curve Free Kick. Six shooters all in a row.



This might seem like a bit of a stretch, but JW Marriott has their regular menu with single estate coffees. Coffee is rather Brazilian, so support Pele and his team from Spice Terrace.


Japan and Korea

Sriracha, again in UB city, has a satay bar menu that represents the East Asian teams. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes like Malaysian Chicken Satay or BBQ Soy Pineapple Satay are some dishes. Prices start from Rs 245.



Maybe not the most popular soccer team but surely a popular food and hangout, Hard Rock Cafe, has many offers for the FIFA Cup. Beer buckets and Charred Hawaiian Veg Skewers are some items on the game menu.



Home country Russia has lent itself to many menus in Bangalore. Street Mama has Blinis and Black Russians. Sheraton Grand has a Quark Cheese Piroshky. And Le Meridien has Russian appetizers and 4 vodkas packaged deal at Rs 899.


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